Our Mission

Choose Freedom
Our mission is simple. Business owners know energy independence is critical to American freedom and economic stability. We provide independent investors the ability to choose freedom by making a major impact on America’s energy independence through our exploration efforts and drilling projects that bring purpose, legitimacy, and transparency to the oil industry.

We provide alliances between business owners who are accredited investors and the top professionals in the oil industry to help secure American energy independence. The ultimate benefit is that more wells get drilled on American soil. The business owner has a significant potential upside and monthly cash flow and receives a 100% write-off of their investment against ordinary active income. Most of which, if not all, can be taken in the first year.

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.”

Emily Dickinson

Our five core values that aid us in accomplishing our mission

We honor God, our families, our clients, our people, and our community by adhering to what is right before what is profitable. This is our primary purpose.
We serve continuously and endlessly. We believe you cannot lose a fight as long as you keep fighting.
We hold ourselves and others to the highest standards of propriety and accountability, taking full responsibility for our every action.
We conduct our business honestly and open to public scrutiny. By allowing light to pass through, corruption is an impossibility.
One cannot build a successful company purely on ambition, performance, and talent. It needs people. Both our employees and clients belong to a team where strong camaraderie and tons of fun are paramount.

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