Our Process

Strategy First

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.”

Emily Dickinson

Every project Veritex sponsors undergo a rigorous evaluation based on the validity of producing hydrocarbons effectively.

Two major concerns investors have when investing in something new:

When investing with a new company, regardless of the industry, but especially if it is foreign to you, how can you know whether the opportunity is valid or not? Can you trust what you’re looking at?

What’s more, are the projections even legitimate, or are they just blue sky? It’s hard to tell the difference when you aren’t in the oil business. Even people involved in projects with other companies in the past might have sour grapes after the fact feeling like the only people that make money in oil and gas is the oil companies!

At Veritex, these concerns are never an issue because the best of the best in the industry bid for our assistance. This allows us exclusive pricing, which we pass along to our clients. Veritex takes a radical approach by offering private investors a seat at a round table with the industry as we look for oil and gas.

You never have to wonder if the project is a lemon. Veritex also invests in every project because how could we ask you to do something we aren’t willing to do? The round table means that our profits are directly proportionate to your profits.

How do we mitigate risk and maximize potential returns?

Simple. We have a four-step plan of attack that we call the VERITEX RETURN METHOD

Research & Development

Potential projects get sourced from the who’s who of geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, and other elite professionals within the industry, then vetted by our best experts, ensuring that every project we take on is the highest in quality and has the highest opportunity for success.

Equitable Estimation

Many companies inflate the potential reserves of their projects to justify their exorbitant margins. Instead, we value our potential returns from a conservative and likely scenario. Our round-table approach in offering equitable potentials ensures that the industry partners aren’t the only ones who profit from production. It’s a team win when a well is successful. We want lasting relationships, and the best way to keep people happy is to treat them fair, be open and honest, and we do everything in our power to give you the best possible return on your investment.

Earn your Trust

We made transparency one of our core values because we believe everything we do should be open to public scrutiny. When you allow light to shine through, corruption is an impossibility. This starts with the first phone call and continues through every conversation by showing the whole story.


Non-Stop Commitment

Making impeccable a core value emphasizes doing everything at the highest level. From the onset of your partnership with us, we strive for excellence, beginning with how we implement the partnership. Everything from the drilling of the well, the quality of our reporting and the speed of our responses to requests for information, making sure you get paid on time and delivering every benefit you are entitled to including the tax benefits.

The highest level means constantly raising the bar because if what we did yesterday looks good today, we still need to do our job today.


Why do we have systems and processes for the actions we take to make your experience better every time?

Because we hope to have lasting relationships that yield dividends, our goal is that you will repeat our process with us multiple times. Obviously, not every well is a massive success. Still, with the incredible upside potentials that oil and gas have to offer, even a little success goes a long way, and when you spread your risk over several projects, the chances of hitting a home run go up exponentially.

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What’s the difference between paying the tax and realizing the benefits of investing with Veritex?

Choosing to Simply Pay TaxesChoosing to Invest with Veritex
Guaranteed Loss of Earnings in the form of TaxesPotential Loss of Risk Capital
Benefits PoliticiansBenefits America
Zero ReturnLarge Potential Upside & Monthly Cash Flow
Forced to PayFreedom to Choose
Zero OwnershipEquity in an Essential Commodity
Breakdown of WealthBuilding of Potential Alternative Revenue Streams
Victim of InflationHedge against Inflation
Investment in Government SpendingInvestment in American Energy Independence
No Ancillary Benefit15% Tax-Free Revenue from Production
Almost Painful experienceDrilling for Oil is Fun & Exciting

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