Veritex Exploration

The truth about investing in oil and gas.

Why Veritex?

Any oil company can offer their investors a 100% tax deduction, but not all can promise full transparency or a legitimate roundtable opportunity*


Real science-backed opportunities designed with honest projections that offer potential returns for everyone, not just industry partners.


Open, candid, professional presentations without exaggeration or hyperbole.


Unlike typical retail style oil and gas opportunities, we co-invest with our clients as partners in pursuit of a common purpose
As seen on FOX, NBC, BBB and Top 100 Magazine!

Two Problems of the Accredited Investor

Exorbitant Tax Liability

The government takes upwards of almost half of the revenue from those in the top tax bracket when including state and federal income tax. The government then uses those funds in their best interest, which doesn’t always align with the values of the person from whom they took it.

Everyone Tries to “Sell” You Something

No one likes to be sold. People appreciate a professional salesperson who adds value. However, it seems the market is flooded with selfish, pushy salespeople who care more about making the sale than they do serving the customer’s needs leading to bogus products and margins so high that ROI for the investor is improbable, if not impossible.
Veritex Exploration solves both of these problems. We deliver forthright opportunities and follow through on our commitments. We present oil and gas investing in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand by way of a conversation rather than a pitch. At Veritex, you get the whole picture allowing you to make an informed decision one way or the other. As such, you can trust that our projects are legitimate opportunities without worrying if you are being sold a bag of goods.

The tax solution is backed by Congressional law set forth by Ronald Reagan. Thanks to the tax reform act of 1986, as an accredited investor, you can deduct 100% of investments made into our projects from your personal ordinary active income.*

3 Step Discovery Path

Step 1 – Discovery Call

Simple 10 minute call to ascertain the gravity of your problems and discover whether Veritex might be the solution

Step 2 – Demonstration Conversation

A 20-30 minute call that focuses on the details of the project—an utterly transparent discussion of potential risks and ROI, including the values and goals of the team you would be joining, to help you make an educated decision one way or the other.

Step 3 – Welcome Aboard

Here is when our job to provide follow-through on our commitment to you comes into play. Upon your application’s approval, our team works to give you a front-seat experience in the world of oil and gas. It’s an exciting journey. On it, you’re welcome to visit your well(s) and even get up on the rig and see your well drilled firsthand!

Take the first step to discovery

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Intelligent investors understand and appreciate risk because it offers the best potential reward. And while these opportunities are considered speculative, the tax benefits are guaranteed, substantially reducing your risk exposure. And a calculated risk always has better odds than the assured loss of simply paying the tax.

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*We recommend you confer with your tax professional to assess exactly how this will affect you.